Dr. Black teaches a variety of courses in US History, Public History & Museum Studies, Visual Culture, and the History of Capitalism.  A specialist of the nineteenth-century, she is particularly interested in the history of Citizenship and Belonging in the United States, with a focus on the use of visual culture to aid in the social and political exclusion of particular groups. Much of her students’ work considers local history in the Wyoming Valley, and is featured on mulocalhistoryprojects.org .


100-200 level courses:

US History I
US History II
University Writing Seminar, “The American Dream”
Witchcraft in the Early Modern World
Turning Points in American History, 2020

300-400 level courses:

Introduction to Historiography & Historical Methods
Seminar on American Material Culture
Seminar on American Visual Culture
Seminar on Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Seminar on American Women’s History, 2018
Seminar on American Women’s History, 2022
Seminar on American Capitalism & the Global Economy

Public History Courses & Projects

Introduction to Public History, 2020 Collecting project
Introduction to Public History, 2015
Public History Practicum – American Friends Project, 2017
Public History Practicum, Independent Exhibit
Public History Thesis, media plan project
Public History Thesis, independent exhibit
American Capitalism Seminar, 2021 human trafficking project

Sources on the 2015 Confederate Flag Controversy