Dr. Black’s teaching interests include the Histories of Popular and Visual Culture, Public History, Film as History, Advertising and Consumption, American Women’s History, Icons and Trademarks, Intellectual Property and Forgery, and the History of Citizenship and Belonging in the United States, with a particular focus on the visual exclusion of particular groups. Much of her students’ work considers local history in the Wyoming Valley, and is featured on mulocalhistoryprojects.org and dhpmisericordia.org.


100-200 level courses:
US History I
US History II
HIS 151, University Writing Seminar
Witchcraft in the Early Modern World
Turning Points in American History

300-400 level courses:
American Visual Culture Seminar
Seminar on Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Introduction to Public History
Public History Practicum
American Women’s History
American Capitalism & the Global Economy

Sources on the 2015 Confederate Flag Controversy